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12th. International
Writers Festival-India
(23-24 October, 2018)

DOWNLOAD>>>>>> SANJI-ROMANI JIB>>>>>> a Book on Common Romani language by Janardhan Pathania



The research has shown that in distant past (about 1200 years ago) under some hard and harsh historical circumstances the Roma people left India and went to the alien lands and did not return back.

The research on Roma people shows that Roma by history, religion, language, culture and old customs and traditions are very much connected with North-India. According to linguistic research done by Mr. Janardhan Pathania (India) during the last 50 years reveals that 95% vocabulary and 100% grammar of Romani language is also found in Northern Indian languages and dialects. He says that a Roma person can learn Indian language (Hindustani) very easily. Similarly a North Indian can learn Romani in the same way very easily. Through this forum (our website) we will try to teach Romani and Hindistani language to any person who is interested. 

We want to create an Indo-Romani Cultural Bridge between India and Roma people all over the world and revive again our long lost contacts. 
Therefore we invite the Roma Writers, Scholars and Artists to come forward and work for the creation of an International Indo-Romani Cultural Bridge.

Dev Bhardwaj (India)
Cell Phone ++ 91-98728 23437

Janardhan Pathania (India)

Phone ++91-191-2572998, cell phone. +91-70510 04120





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